FAQ Monserrat Galapagos Expeditions


The voltage is 110 watts.

The plugs are flat footed outlet without ground plug, maybe you will need to bring adapter.

There is a DVD player on board with a flat screen TV, so the passengers could watch some movies or videos about the Galapagos nature. We also have some books to read about the Galapagos Islands and other. A couple of family board games. Most of the passengers (adults) really enjoy the bar service in the evening.

The breakfast is buffet style with fruit, cereal, milk, yogurt, fresh juice, different types of cheese, meats and sausages, eggs, white and integral bread.

For lunch we have buffet style and for dinner there is menu style always with 2 options of salads, meat, fish or chicken. For dinner menu the passengers could choose between two options. For vegetarian or another special dietary please notify in advance.

There is no doctor on board, but all the crew and the guide got first aid certificate, there is a first aid kit on board. Additionally, there is a procedure for emergencies that passengers will know the first day when the guide explains the zafarrancho. If any passenger needs urgent medical assistance they will be transfer to the hospital at the closest port in the Islas which be in Santa Cruz or San Cristobal.

Yes, there are hairdryers in the cabins.

We provide 3 towels per person (bath towel, hand towel, wash cloth).

Monserrat provide all towels even towels to take off ship (passengers should bring the towels back to the yacht), Passengers won’t need to bring their own towels to Monserrat.

There is no internet service on Monserrat.

There is a closet 80 x 60 x 180 cm approximately at every cabin. There are drawers under beds; there are some clothes hangers inside the closet. There is enough space in closet to store the suitcase; otherwise they can let it in the cabin. Biggest bag size they should bring is 80 x 60 cm.

The average sizes are the following:

      Cabin: 3,21 m x 2,32 m Bathroom: 2,32 m x 0,96 m Total: 4,17 m x 2,32
      Cabin: 3,40 m x 2,02 m Bathroom: 2,02 m x 1,03 m Total: 4,43 m x 2,02
      Cabin: 2,99 m x 2,17 m Bathroom: 2,32 m x 0,90 m Total: 3,89 m x 2,17

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